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Colorado Estate Planning Basics: What Process Can I Expect?

Dec. 14, 2022

Estate planning in Colorado is the process of planning for life’s most important issues through use of legal documents such as wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and living wills.

What Issues Does Estate Planning Address?

Estate planning empowers you to plan for:

·       Who will care for minor children if you cannot?

·       Who will make your medical and financial decisions if you become incapacitated?

·       How will you address your long-term care needs?

·       Who will inherit your assets?

·       Who will carry out your wishes after you pass away?

How Is Estate Planning Done?

Estate planning starts with gathering information about you—including your family situation, your financial affairs, your future needs and goals, and your desires regarding your loved ones. 

An experienced estate planning attorney will ask the right questions to identify your needs and goals, translating them into estate planning approaches tailored to your unique situation. 

What Estate Planning Process Can I Expect?

Step 1 –You’ll begin by completing a confidential estate planning questionnaire.  

Step 2 –Next, you’ll meet with an experienced estate planning attorney for a design meeting.  At this meeting, you’ll receive presentation on estate planning basics.  You’ll choose between estate planning options.  And your estate plan will begin taking shape.

Step 3 –Next, your attorney will translate your estate planning choices into draft estate planning documents, which you’ll receive for review and revision if needed.

Step 4 – Last, you’ll meet with an attorney again, to execute (sign) your estate planning documents.  You will be provided with the services of witnesses and/or a notary public as necessary. You’ll also receive guidance on how to use and update your estate plan in the years to come.

How Can I Begin the Process?

To start your estate planning, contact Charles E. Longtine by phone: (303) 429-0419 or email: info@longtinelaw.com