The loss of a loved one is difficult in many ways: emotionally, relationally, financially and otherwise. Oftentimes complicating such loss is the need to administer the estate of the deceased-(a) surviving family members and loved ones need to be cared for and provided for; (b) property and financial accounts need to be managed; (c) bills have to be paid and/or accounts must be closed; (d) tax returns must be prepared and taxes paid; (e) sometimes a business needs to continue to be run, and (f) the estate must be distributed. There can be many responsibilities left undone by the deceased. Hopefully the deceased already has plans in place to deal with many or all of such issues. If so, the burden on survivors is less than without plans in place. Either way, there is a substantial amount of work to be done in order to wrap up business.

This process oftentimes requires the assistance of legal, financial and tax professionals. The law firm of Charles E. Longtine, P.C. is experienced in assisting individuals and families facing these matters and walking them through administration of estates (probate) and/or trusts.

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